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Custom Press-On Set

Custom Press-On Set

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Which Custom Set tier should I choose?

In addition to the tier descriptions, examples of tiers can be found in the Gallery. For more help with choosing a tier, contact me through the contact page, instagram, or email

Guaranteed to be unique! Every single set is one-of-a-kind, which means that no one else on the planet will have the same set as you :-)

Comes with:

  • 10 sculpted Aprés Gel-X custom nails
  • 1 glue 
  • 1 mini file
  • 1 buffer
  • 1 cuticle pusher
  • 1 sheet of temporary adhesive tabs
  • 1 clear display case per set

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to select the correct tier for what you are expecting to be included in the set! Each description contains the maximum of what can be included in the set - however, depending on the desired set as a whole, your set could be classified as a lower tier than expected. Please use the contact page, email info@nailzbybella or contact on instagram @nailz.bybella for help on which tier would fit specific desires for a set! Otherwise, each set will be strictly following the tier description chosen.

Tier Description:

Tier 1 | Classic

  • No hand-painted art
  • charms or stickers can be included
  • max 2 color ombres

Tier 2 | Cutie

  • Tier 1 + hand-painted line art and simple graphics (hearts, eyes, clouds, stars, etc)
  • 3 or more color ombres
  • hand-sculpted 3d charms

Tier 3 | Cheekie

  • Tier 2 +  simple character outlines or manga style (black and white w/ or w/o shading) (2-3) characters
  • full color graphics/designs

Tier 4 | Peachie

  • Tier 3 + many manga style characters (4-6) or 1-2 full color characters

Tier 5 | Savage

  • Tier 4 + many manga style characters (7-10) or multiple full color characters (3-4)

Tier 6 | Stunner

  • Tier 5 + multiple full color characters (5-6)

Tier 7 | Boss

  • Tier 6 + multiple full color characters (6-7)

Tier 8 | Gold

  • Tier 7 + 8 or more full color characters
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