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Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

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Which Custom Set tier should I choose?

In addition to the tier descriptions, examples of tiers can be found in the Gallery. For more help with choosing a tier, contact me through the contact page, instagram, or email

Comes with 10-14 different sizes of Apres Gel-X false nails. Choose your desired shape and length in order to see exactly how the final set would look and fit! 

FYI: Purchasing the sizing kit ahead of time and knowing your sizes before buying the custom set can minimize the total production time of your set by 1-3 weeks (depending on how long it takes to receive the kit and report the sizes). However, sizing kits can also be purchased within the Custom Press-On Set order.

Sizes should be sent either via the contact page or to Please include the order number. Format your sizes starting from left pinky to right thumb separated by commas (ex. 7,4,4,5,1,1,5,4,4,7).

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